Write about your daily life at kish

                                                                                           Hello, my name is Soo Bin.     

Today’s topic is about my daily life at kish.        My school life is simply repeating.                       As soon as I wake up I prepare to go to school.   I meet a friend on a school bus and go to school together. And everything is repeated in school.  45 minutes class and 10 minutes break time…… But there are many interesting things in school.  I askd my friends when I was looked most happy.  As a result, I was the happiest when I was eating and when I was making fun of another friend. But I was the saddest when I was hungry and I was sleepy. It is also one of my life to go to the cafeteria sometimes and have a good time.  I think maybe I  go there once in two days.  I wait for the lunch time from the first lesson, and wait for the time to finish after the lunch time.  And when Mondy starts, I wait for Friday. Life is not fun, but student’s life with little happiness is good.  


      Shocking Jam



             Shocking jam

      Some say love it is eating            

      For me Bread and jam is everything

      When the bread’s falling

      Can you guess what’s happening

      Bread is braving, A jam is shocking

      they are now separating

      On the shelf jam is lonelying

      How can I eat if there’s only thing

      I feel quite boring

      OMG! Jam’s also falling

      finally they are gathering

      All I have to do is eating

      Introduce my friends group.

      Today I introduce for my favorite group. We call our  group’JSJ’. Why we call like that? It’s very simple. ‘J’ is Ji Youn, ‘S’ is SooBin and ‘J’ is Jeong Won. It is initial. We play funny. We made our rules ourselves. we have 3 rules. First is NO ์•œ in KaKaoTalk, sesond  is No ใ…‹in KaKaoTalk and Finally is No bad words. If we against the rules, we have to give ten thousand Dong our piggy bank. We gather this money. And after we gather enough money, we play with this money. I think this rule is wizardly. I want to recommend to other friends. We will play this saturday. We bought couple lipsticks last weekend. We will play with same color lips.I am very expected of saturday. I am very happy to introduce my friends group.

      About me

      My name is SooBin Shim. I’m from in korea and now I am live in viet nam.

      I am 8 grade. I love my classmates. They are very kind. They always told me a math kindly.

      I like all kinds of foods. Especially sushi and jajangmyeon. My hobby is watch movie and TV drama. My favorite genre of movies are romance and animation,and my favorite genre of drama is emotional and action.

      I am not good at study,but I want to study hard. I will study 1 hour each subject.

      I don’t have boyfriend yet. But I want. If you want my phone number, please write in my email. Thanks.